Friday, 1 March 2013

College Money Problems

Have you ever thought about why colleges in the United States so expensive? Many students and their families may be wondering what could be the main reasons for the high cost of tuition fees for his college education. As you may have already discovered, the quality of higher education in the United States can be very expensive to pay. As a student at an American university is a unique experience that a large amount of advantages. After all, we all agree that higher education is certainly needed in the labor market today. Even if it has positive so far from home and live the beauty of freedom, financial pressures undoubtedly. A big problem with most students because they must be paying high fees In particular, those who do not receive scholarships or other financial assistance more time or money wise. So they would pay tuition and sacrifice and high living costs themselves to achieve their dreams. There are common reasons that lead to high school in the United States, due to inflation, federal budget cuts, universities hit harder than ever. These higher tuition fees have a negative impact on society, because after school, most will be in debt. So they can not as a productive contribution in their workplaces.

Inflation takes a heavy toll on students since the money is going. Today, while the cost of living increases, the wages, the workers get in line. Teachers, field teams, and the entire staff on campus, and those who work with him more money than ever before. Although it rip as they are the students left and right seems to need people to realize that higher education that the cost of living is also increasing, which means that the people who work for these universities will remain the same in respect to the way they are. Since the workers' wages rise, the need for higher education institutions more money they dish out for that higher tuition fees. You need to increase revenue in some aspects, so that they do now a days, due to higher tuition fees in the country. Vicki Smith, who reported a writer for the Associated Press that tuition at WVU for the fall semester 2012 from $ 145 per semester for students and $ 449 for state of the state and international students is increased (Smith).

Catherine Rampell, a reporter for the New York Times believes that universities increase driving state cuts in tuition fees. With these significant reductions in university budgets, they have to compensate for the loss for the year anyway, have the way they increased the tuition fees (Rampell). So it makes sense, from the perspective of universities, but also leads students into debt makes it harder for them to contribute to society. This makes them harder to a decent life after graduation due to how you repay any loans and have no money to be concerned for their own needs.

Another way, which leads high fees is that the federal government the ability to dish out the money as they please, as long as they are discretionary funds. In terms of the flexibility that they have money, "higher education is usually in the" discretionary spending "budget - and in fact, is often one of the largest programs, if not the most important in the discretionary category," says Rampell . Why higher education receive less money is due to the fact that the government knows that these schools are other ways to have to earn money so that they. Not always the division of the sum of money for part of the higher education budget (Rampell)

As an example of how high tuition fees is more, Richard Vedder, professor of economics at Ohio University, director of the Center for College Affordability and Productivity and author bankruptcy by Degree: Why College is too expensive (Vedder). In the New York Times, he stated that, according to the College Board in 2011, Ohio University students to pay the state more than $ 17,000 per year, including tuition, room and board, that was about 6% higher than last year (Vedder) . He discovered in 2009 that the Americans. Unimaginable money for higher education, which was about $ 461 billion, which is more than the gross domestic product of some countries like Portugal and Norway

Students are increasingly aware of the problem and have already begun to take against him. In some states such as California, showed students in 2008, has as tuition fees doubled. Vedder does not only students, but also families, government programs to join the available help with college costs. He believes that the only person able to take concrete steps to increase the federal government college costs. Vedder said, "While private companies to raise prices for consumers and the cost is to be reduced through efficiency than the profits and sales, the universities such incentives." In these words, it shows that the universities do not work as a business and make money, so money that they need to manage and develop increasing tuition fees to maintain each year.

In a word, we can conclude that the charges had a negative impact and will continue to do so, to the students, because it causes them to cope with financial burdens. The acquisition of a higher education and by promoting the classes is hard enough as it is when the money issues in the equation that leads to intolerable levels of stress. Finally, frustrate the above reasons, students and their families each year.

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